Our Mission:

We help families build or rebuild their relationship with their dog. We help owners become in-tune with their own personal issues that can be mirrored into dogs, with that we teach owners how to breath and let go of the past. We work on building confidence in handling to improve the results and teach the importance of training tools for communication.

Our goal is to get dog owners out and into the world to adventure with their furry best friend with ease.

We are Brand Ambassador’s For CaliSoul Clothing!!!


This is a amazing family based company that puts their love and passion creating a Adventurous brand. Just like us they use their family dog as their mascot!! We are so proud to be a brand ambassador for this company and we wear each article they send our way with pride!

Also, thanks to their badass talent its the reason our logo is so unique! Alex was so awesome and listened to all of my input, answered my million questions and produce the PERFECT logo for NorCal Adventure Dog!

Head on over to their website and social media platforms to help support a local small business!





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