Due to high demand, we are only accepting 4 new clients a month. If you were referred to us by someone please make sure to state it on your contract form!

NorCal Adventure Dog Training Options:




Everyone starts out with a Consult at Pet Food Express Located in the Roseville Fountains. We have the option of In-Home as well but have limited availability. Through out the hour, we cover from nutrition on up. We talk about what issues your facing, and goals you want to achieve. While evaluating your dog, I’ll be able to figure out which training tool is going to be best. I will cover new household rules and homework. Here we will also chat about what’s going to be the best training option for you and your dog.

-Every new client receives:

- 20% off coupon to Pet Food Express

-25% off coupon for Cali Soul Clothing Company



I specialize in enhancing the training foundation you currently have, or building the Adventure foundation that’s needed.

I help city dogs feel the country soil in their paws by teaching their owners the proper ways of communication.

I look at each dog individually and I do not believe that sticking to one tool, or one training style sets owners and their dogs up for success! I use a blend of positive reinforcement with corrections/marking.

I pair these methods with training tools such as K9 Lifeline Lead, Herm Springer Prong Collars, E-Collar Technologies, Martingales and more to help owners blossom in their communication.


NorCal Adventure Dog Private Lesson:

Private Lessons are the perfect option for those who are DIY or on a budget. We will cover what ever it is you need help with. From basic obedience, house structure, teaching your dog calm and more! Lessons take place at Pet Food Express Roseville, In-Home or any other dog friendly location. During lessons, I will not only be teaching the dog but also you! For those that opt into lessons, they come into it knowing they have to put in the work in to really get the results!

Being consistent is key with dog training in general, but with private lessons its even greater as you have to keep to your homework. That way each week we can excel to something new and not have to back track to cover what was suppose to be done already.

Each hour long lesson is $150

How many lessons will I need?

It all depends on how well you put the work in! I try to get clients in and out as quick as I can. For the clients that want to continue their education, I offer a “Handling Class” for clients on a weekly basis. Once each handler and dog get the results I graduate them to that class.

Classes are hosted at Pet Food Express in the Roseville Fountains Saturday Evenings

Cost for each class is $20

NorCal Adventure Dog Foundation Board and Train Program:

The Adventure Dog program is designed to make things as easy as it can be for not only the owner but the dog as well. I have experimented over the years with many different training packages. What I have found is families blossom quicker when I set or reset the dogs foundation. Then the owners job is to learn how to maintain the foundation and not teach it to the dog like our private lessons.

Following I dive deep into enhancing the owners handling and confidence.

Once we get both squared away it sets both up for success! As not only does the dog know their expectations, the owner knows as well!

I also offer many programs to help you keep up with your dogs training foundation and your memory as well!

NorCal Adventure Dog is not just a business name, it’s a family!

NorCal Adventure Dog Foundation program consists of :
-7 days of Board and Train
-Go home lesson
-Two Adventure lessons
-Three group classes at Pet Food Express
-Training Tool that your dog will need
-20% off coupon for Pet Food Express

What does the dog learn during their stay?
-Loose Leash walking
-Coming when called

$1300 covers the cost of this package
We set clients up this way to ensure results, and not just possibilities. This program is a excellent idea for anyone who’s ready to truly enjoy their dog to the fullest.
You and your dog can start at 16 weeks and up.